Graphic Novel About Syria – The Spark

Hello people of the world! Happy new year! Hope this amazing festive season has been peaceful for all of you. Posting 2 short comics last year (When Fear Kicks In & Light At The End Of The Tunnel) was a real pleasure for me as the stories touch upon the situation of my country and/or the people of my country, and describe the circumstances of refugees, war victims, detainees and so forth.

Now, I have very good news to share with you! YES, I have finished my graphic novel, and already sent it out for editing. I am going to name it SYRIA-THE HOME THAT IS NOT HOME. What do you think? I am thrilled to take advantage of this occasion to share with you a few pages of my drafts of the first chapter – The Spark, which is the spark of Syria’s war.

This chapter, as the name perhaps says it all, underlines how it all started in Syria. It sheds light on the reasons (historical and modern) that got people take to the streets and protest against dictatorship, totalitarianism, repression, injustice, etc. It also shows how Assad’s security forces dealt with the situation in their own conventional way which basically made things worse off.

Hope you enjoy it!

Graphic Novel about Syria-the Spark

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